The Aviary
16 Little Portland Street
Near Oxford Circus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘minimum spend’?

The minimum spend is the amount that is required to be spent either before or during your party. You do not have to pay any of it up-front, but if you do pre-purchase drinks then this would come off your minimum spend amount. Basically, as your guests buy drinks over the bar this amount get recorded and adds up to your minimum spend amount – your guests effectively pay for your venue hire!

What if my minimum spend is not reached?

Your minimum spend is there to make it possible for you to have a party without having the expense of venue hire. This figure is what must be reached within the hours of your venue hire. If this figure is not made the bar manager will ask for the bill to be settled at the end of your event.

What music is played at the club?

For your exclusive hire the DJ will be tailored to your guests’ tastes. For specific requests please speak to the DJ at the beginning of your event or ask Head Office to request the DJ contact you. The DJ will normally contact you no more than 72 hours prior to your event.

Can we have Karaoke?

Yes, if you’ve booked exclusive hire then we’re happy to provide Karaoke. There may be an additional cost involved.

What if we want to continue the party after our booked time?

We have a 4am licence so your party can continue until this time if you wish. The minimum spend for your hire must have been fully reached. There may be an additional cost involved for the extra hours.

Can we use the TV Plasma screens?

Yes, these are a great way of showcasing pictures – maybe the birthday person as a baby or the happy couple before their engagement? If you wish to use them please let us know within at least 5 working days of your party. We ask that all pictures are provided on a DVD.

Can we bring in our own decorations?

You can but the venue is already a highly decorated space. Please speak to us about what you’d like to provide. If you want a specific theme then this is something we can help you with.

Is there a dress code?

It’s your party so you can wear what you like! If you wish to have a fancy dress party we ask that you let us know before your event.

Can we bring in a cake?

Yes no problem. Please discuss this with out Event Manager.

Does the chauffeur service apply to my booking?

This depends on where the pick-up point will be and your minimum spend amount. Please enquire if you’re interested.

Is it easy to get taxis by the club?

We’re between Regent Street and Great Portland Street so taxis are around, but if you’d like us to get one booked for you in advance then please ask the doorman at the beginning of the night. He’ll ask for your name, drop off address and leaving time and let you know when the taxi is there for you.