The Aviary
16 Little Portland Street
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Party Extras

These are some ideas to inspire you to do something different for your function. All these extras work well for private or corporate functions.

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Burlesque Act

This cheeky act will be sure to charm guests who desire something less ordinary in the way of entertainment. Absolutely professional and great fun!


What a great idea to have everyone leave with a funny memento of the evening!

Magician and Mind Reader

Let our close-up magician astound and amaze you and your guests. This is the perfect addition to wow your company and instantly make your party glamorous and unforgettable.


Want to enter a venue with style and cause a fuss? Then hire some paparazzi to create a stir and give your guests the ultimate VIP treatment!


Want to get that rush of excitement of seeing your favourite star up close? Or perhaps you're planning a surprise party and want your guests to believe they're in the midst of a 'star'? Book a look-a-like to bring the glitz of showbiz to your party!

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Casino Tables

A casino is a glamorous way to bring some sophisticated fun to your event. It's a fantastic and sociable way for guests to be entertained. Perfect for team building too.

Fancy Dress

We can provide your guests with a choice over 35,000 costumes, from popular film themes such as Star Wars, to music icons such as Michael Jackson and even to the bizarre such as a banana! Well why not?!

Masked Balls

This is the most elegant of all our Party Extras. No one who's ever been to a Masked Ball forgets it - it's the ultimate dressing up experience that can raise your party from the standard event to one that everyone will be still talking about in years to come!

Surprise Parties

It's a wonderful feeling to know that your friends/colleagues have made the special effort to plan a party for you whilst keeping it a secret. We can help organise surprise events, including cakes, decorations, invitations and, most importantly, a special car to deliver your guest of honour to our venue to make sure it's a complete surprise!!

Flowers & Decorations

Adding just a few simple touches can really make all the difference and our specialists are here to advise you on what would work for your function.


Our high class singers can either serenade your guests as they dine or provide a more structured show of your favourite songs during the evening.

Wine & Champagne Tasting

Let our experts talk you through a variety of wines or champagnes, as well as their history and vintage you will learn what to look for in taste, smell and colour.

Fortune Teller

Who wouldn’t like to know if Prince Charming or Miss Perfect is just around the corner?! Our talented fortune teller will delight your guests and provide you with an excellent talking point all night.